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Below are the most popular requests we receive. However, this is not an all-inclusive list. There are many grades, shapes, and styles. Request a quote to find any material you need.


  • C101 Oxygen Free (OFHC, OFE)
  • C102 Oxygen Free (OFHC, OFE)
  • C110 Electrolytic(ETP)
  • C145 Tellerium
  • C162 Cadmium
  • C165 Cadmium
  • C172 Beryllium
  • C173 Beryllium
  • C17510 Beryllium
  • C182 Chromium
  • C180, C120, C122, C150, C187, 1751, 1815, 1914, 1916, 9935, Beryllium, C147, C143, C194, C425, C190, C116, C17410, C17460, C17510, C189, C191, C197, C113, C151, C155, C18150, C100, C729, C103, C170, C174

Shapes & Styles

  • Perforated, Tube, Bar, Coil, Disc, Forging, Casting, Pipe, Plate, Rolls, Rounds, Sheet, Strips, Squares, Wire, Wire Cloth, Flats, Wire Mesh, Foil, Strip Steel, Blocks, Mesh