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Stainless Steel

Below are the most popular requests we receive. However, this is not an all-inclusive list. There are many grades, shapes, and styles. Request a quote to find any material you need.


  • T17-4 H1150, T17-4 Heat Treat Duplex, T17-7, T18-8, 2202, 2205, 2304, T302, T303SE, T304B, T316B, T316LVM, T318, T330, T409, T416HT, T416 Gun Barrel, T420V, T430FR, T431, T440A, T440B, T455, T465, T630, T647, T660, T904, Alloy 218, BSQ, Duplex, Ferritic, Invar, Kovar, Powdered, Prodec, Project 70+, PSQ, S30V, Super Duplex, T13-8, T15-5, T17-4, A286, T301, T303, T304, T304L, T309, T310, T316, T316L, T317, T321, T347, T410, T416, T420, T430, T440C, T446, Nitronic 50, Nitronic 60, T410 HT, T422, Maraging 250, Maraging 300, Maraging 350, T317L, T410S, T305, T201, T202, T203, T204, T205, T308, T314, T384, T405, T429, T434, T436, T442, T420F, T440F, T450, T310S, T418, T15-7, 2507, T304H, T321H, T347H, Custom 450, Custom 455, AM 350, AM 355, Nitronic 40, Ferralium 255, T253MA, Zeron 100, LDX 2101, T403, T316H, T310H, T904L, T309S, T439, T441, T17-4 H1025, T17-4 H900, S21800, S32750, Custom 465, 18SR, T301 High Yield, T409UF, T440, Greek Ascoloy, T304 EZ Drill, T316 EZ Drill, T317LMN, T309H, SSC 6MO, T303SUL, T303SEL, T304LVM, T430F, T316LN, T316Ti, T409L, 18Cr-Cb, BG42, XD15NW, XD16N, CX13VDW, S31803, S32205, T304V, T316LV, T420LC, T316LS, Nitronic 30, Nitronic 32, Nitronic 33, T430Li, T444, T317LM, Biodur 108, T416L, T326, T332, T334, T404, T333, T303F, T410MOD, 22-13-5, Maraging 200, GTD450, F6NM, T355

Shapes & Styles

  • Perforated, Expanded, Shafting, Shim Stock, Threaded Rod, Tube, Angle, Bar, Beam, Casting, Channel, Coil, Diamond Plate, Disc, Forging, Grating, Hex, Hollow Bar, I Beam, Pipe, Plate, Rolls, Rounds, Sheet, Strips, Squares, Tread Plate, Wire, Wire Cloth, Flats, Tees, Wire Mesh, Foil, Rings, Blanks, Keystock, Acme Threaded Rod, Strip Steel, Ground Shafting, Tube Custom, Thomson Shafting, Custom Shims, Blocks, Balls, Polished Metal, Ornamental